Gurinder Bhatti can help you with the drafting of the professional looking SOP

You should trust Gurinder Bhatti to help you with the Statement of Purpose. The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a special document highlighting your positive points in a lucid manner. This would be the only piece of direct communication between you and the University selection panel. You should be able to impress the selection panel with this simple document. In fact, this document does not look as simple as it seems to be.

The SOP concept:
You would be sending your application online. So too would thousands of other people in the world. Your GRE and IELTS / TOEFL scores would do the talking. However, they would be standardized scores. There would be many people with the same set of scores. Your academic scores are also important. However, the foreign universities look at such scores with a degree of doubt. This brings us to the SOP. You would be directly addressing this document to the selection panel. You have the freedom of expressing your views. This would be a direct communication between you and the college. You should make the most of it. Nowadays, you find professionals such as Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global writing the SOP for the students.

The special flavor:
The foreign university selection panel is an experienced lot. They see hundreds of SOPs on a daily basis. They can easily sniff out the fakes from the genuine ones. When we use the word fakes, we refer to the plagiarized ones. They can also identify the professionally written one as well. You can see the resourcefulness of the consultants like Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa now.

They are professionals no doubt. They give each student a questionnaire to fill up. The student has to fill in the questionnaire honestly. The educational consultant would then use this information and draft a unique SOP. This would look like it has emanated from the side of the student. It would have a special flavor. As each student would have different experiences, each SOP would look different. That is the level of professionalism shown by Gurinder Bhatti.

What should the SOP contain?
The SOP should contain the details about the student. The very name suggests what it is looking for. You have to justify as to why you have chosen this course among the hundreds of others available. At the same time, you have also to explain why you have chosen this particular university alone.

You need not make any mention of the marks and grades obtained by you in your examinations. Your resume would say it all. In case you have a slip up in between, you can make a passing reference to the same without going too much into detail.

You can explain your achievements in your academic career and otherwise as well. You can highlight whatever appreciable things you have done. You should note not to fake anything in the SOP lest you would have to spend a lot of time clarifying those.

You can include personal details as well as long as they seem interesting enough and relates to the subject.

Final words:
The SOP is your document. You have the final say. You should use this document to put forth your credentials in the best manner possible.

Mentor to help you reach zenith of academic knowledge!

gurinder-bhatti-mentor-to-help-you-reach-zenith-of-academic-knowledge“Dreams need wings to fly and strong branches to move ahead!” Completing their academic programs far away from the clutches of India is a dream of many. However, it is only a chosen few who can actually fulfill their dreams and return with a degree worth the money. Do you wish to be one of those? Gurinder Bhatti ESS Global can be your one-stop destination today!

Changing the academic career graph of many, Mr Bhatti has been an inspiration, a mentor, a friend to numerous students who had in them the fire to move out of the Indian domain and dream of foreign degrees.

Are you too planning on taking your academic career to the next level? Well, correct path and proper guiding light are what you need in this regard.

Fields of expertise of Gurinder Bhatti:
As a student, you may have certain queries regarding ways to frame out a plan to carry on with your higher education. However, you can be faced with a number of issues that require clear answers, and it is only ESS Global that can provide you with details.

So here are the services that you can enjoy when you have a professional guiding you. As the Managing Director at ESS Global, Mr Bhatti has been the driving force behind students pursuing their higher education abroad. Here are some of the key areas where he has played an exceptional role to help students out.

Persuasion of higher education:
This is the key area of concern for students, and Mr Bhatti is a true saviour here. From the time you decided to act upon your dream to the actual scenario, there are a number of steps that are to be followed.

1. Details of your education, every certificate, and other diplomas are taken into consideration only after which a suitable university is chosen for you. This is done under complete expert care.

2. The student is prepared for cracking GRE and TOEFL by making him/her practice mock tests and supplying with reference materials.

3. A Statement of Purpose is to be given to the visa officials. It is done under strict supervision of Gurinder Bhatti so that no glitch is found.

4. Finally, every document is scanned and maintained by the ESS Global authorities back home for any emergency issues.


Arranging financial sources:
Studying in a foreign university requires a certain amount of cash, and it is Gurinder Bhatti ESS Global that ensures you are never at a lack of it.

1. Via their professionals, they apply for grants and scholarships for students.

2. Also, they ensure that in case of any loans taken, there should be a proper mode of returning the money within a specified period.


Managing legal prospects:
Flying away to another sky to touch the academic heights requires a host of clarifications back home. Not to worry! It is all well-handled by Mr Bhatti and his team.

1. He, with his team, ensures that all the documents are in place.

2. Also, during the via interrogation process, he is always there by your side.

These are some of the most important areas where ESS Global has truly proved to be trustworthy. To know more about their services, you can check out their website that has every detail stated.

Gurinder Bhatti is there to help you sail through the Visa Interview

Trust Gurinder Bhatti to help you sail through the Visa interview. Once you are through with the admission process, you should obtain the visa for visiting the country of your choice. This would entail you to apply for one. The Visa official would like to interview each applicant. A student would be inexperienced. He could face problems. Gurinder Bhatti could help you with the Visa interview preparations as well. We shall see the procedure.

The Process:
You are through with the application process. Your bank has sanctioned you the education loan as well. You are now ready to board the plane. However, you have to complete a major formality yet. You should acquire the visa for traveling to the foreign country.

There are many kinds of visas such as tourist visa, student visa, business visa, etc. A student has to apply for the student visa. He cannot enter the country for higher studies on any other kind of visa. The Visa officials would interview each student to understand his viewpoint. This would form the basis of the decision whether to accept or reject the visa application.

The visa consultant such as Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global can help you clear the visa interview with ease. He would conduct classes and mock interviews with the student to let him acclimatize with the visa interview. The visa official can ask you any question under the sun. It is his prerogative to ask questions. You have no other option but to answer them to the best of his satisfaction.

The Questions:
Usually, the questions center around three broad topics. The first one would be about the course, the University, and the reasons for choosing this university, etc. The visa official may also ask you questions regarding the place you have chosen, its important landmarks, its prominent citizens, etc. This part of the visa interview should not be difficult for you. You would have done enough research of your own before seeking admission.

The second question would invariably veer towards the financial strength and backing. In case, you have the loan sanction letter with you that would be enough to silence him. There would be nothing to question in this matter at all.

The third and most important question would be the probability of the student returning to India after the studies are over. The consultants like Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa harp on this aspect alone. The student should always understand that he is going to the foreign location to complete his studies alone. The purpose of his visit is study only. He should not hint towards the chances of employment etc. There is no question of settling down in the foreign country as well. The student should always bring out his emotional side by dragging his family ties and convince the visa official that he does not intend to stay abroad. He would return at the first available opportunity after completing his studies. This answer should ensure that you have a smooth sailing in the interview.

Final words:
On clearing the visa interview, you would get the visa. The decks are now clear for you to board the plane.

Trust Gurinder Bhatti you hold your hand through the admission process

gurinder-bhatti-hold-your-hand-through-addmission-processGurinder Bhatti can change your fortunes by helping you in securing admission in a foreign university. If studying abroad is your dream, Gurinder Bhatti can convert the same into reality. He will show you the correct way. You would have to walk on the same overcoming the obstacles on the way. Gurinder Bhatti will be right behind you ensuring that you do not fall. We shall see the process in brief.

The Dream:
The lure of foreign education is always great. Many students nurse a secret dream to go abroad and study. The dream assumes bigger proportions especially when someone else from the family is already abroad and is successful. It is human tendency to emulate. In a way, it is good. You would have someone to look up to for inspiration.

The blind alley:
When you embark on the foreign education process, it would seem that you are standing in front of a blind alley. You need someone to show the light. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global is the person you can look up to in this matter. With his guidance, you would be able to traverse the correct path to glory.

The tough road ahead:
Foreign education is not that easy. If it were so, any Tom, Dick, and Harry would have done so by this time. It would take a lot of perseverance and hard work on your part. Starting with the preparations for the GRE and the TOEFL / IELTS, you are sure to find the going tough. However, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The GRE is not the normal examination you have seen so far in your life. This is a special computer generated question paper you have to contend. The paper gets progressively tough as the exam goes into its later stages. Therefore, a score of around 300 to 305 would normally seem the average. Anything above that is the stuff of dreams. Gurinder Bhatti can prepare you to achieve a great score in the GRE.

The admission process:
With the GRE and the English language test scores in your kitty, you can set about applying for the foreign universities. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa would be there with you at this stage. However, you should do your own research. Every foreign university would be different and unique in its own way. When you start browsing the internet looking for the best colleges to apply, you would realize the same. This would be a game of chance for the majority. There would be no guarantee that you would apply and the University would grant admission. Therefore, you should apply for more than one choice. The more number of colleges you apply to, the better would be your chances of admission. However, you have to note that you would have to pay the application fee for each college. The foreign universities usually work on the principle of “first come first served.” Therefore, you should apply early. You may just be ahead of the rest.

Final words
Securing admission would be half the road traversed. The remaining half would not be difficult now. Gurinder Bhatti would be there right alongside you now.

Gurinder Bhatti – an education counselor with a personal touch

gurinder-bhatti-education-counselor-with-a-personal-touchForeign education would be expensive. A normal Indian family would find it tough to bear the expenses on their own. They would require financial assistance in the form of educational loans or financial grants. Gurinder Bhatti would be of immense help in securing both the loans and the grants.

The education loan:
The Government of India has come up with attractive schemes wherein students wishing to study abroad can avail of education loans from the banks and financial institutions in India. These institutions would naturally require some collateral security. The parents invariably offer their houses as a mortgage. Therefore, you would find that your parents are putting everything at stake just to see that you get the foreign education. This places a great responsibility on your shoulders. I fact, this should spur you to study harder and make a name in the industry.

The financial grants and scholarships:
Usually, you would notice that there would be numerous grants and scholarships available in the foreign university where you wish to take admission. You should be aware of the ones that would suit your requirements. You may have to indicate your preference at the time of application itself. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global would help you apply for the same.

Based on your academic record and financial position, you get these grants. These grants and aids would usually be in the form of tuition fee waivers, etc. This would go a long way in reducing the financial burden. History is evidence that a majority of Indian students do acquire these grants thereby making their path that much easy to traverse.
Some universities allow you to work for a minimum number of hours inside the campus. It would be in the form of assistantships, etc. These amounts would go a long way in meeting a portion of your living expenses. This experience would make you a responsible person.

The visa connection:
You have a fair idea about the loans and the grants available to you. The next step would be to clear the visa interview. This would be the final hurdle before you board the plane for your destination. This is a mandatory interview process. However, you need not break your head over it. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa is there to train you for this interview. He would conduct classes and mock interviews simulating the actual one. This can help you clear the same easily.

The usual repertoire of questions
You should prepare well to answer the three main questions based on which the grant the visa. The first question usually concerns the university, the college, and the course you have chosen. This should be a piece of cake for you. The second question would be about your financial strength to carry you through the course. The loan sanction letter would normally do the trick. The third question would be about your plans after the completion of the education. Your answer should be short and simple in the sense that you have an emotional attachment to your country and would come back. The purpose of going to the foreign country is to study and nothing else.

Final words:
These answers would secure the visa for you. You can then prepare for realizing your dream of securing the foreign education.

Tackle the Visa Official With Ease

Gurinder Bhatti has been with you since the day you started your dream of your foreign education. He would be there with you until the day you leave the Indian shores. However, prior to leaving the Indian shores, you have to obtain the visa to visit the foreign country. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa would help you in the process.

The role of the consultant:
Students have to obtain the F-1 visa to visit the foreign country in the capacity of a student. The purpose of obtaining the F-1 visa is purely for education purposes. The rules stipulate that the student should complete his or her education and return to the homeland. The student would have to apply for the visa from the respective consulate by paying a determined amount of fees. The consulate would stipulate a particular date for the student to be present at the consulate for an interview with the visa official.

This is a very short interview. However, you would have to prepare in detail for this important interview. You should remember that the visa official controls the shots here. He can grant or reject the visa based on your replies to his queries. Therefore, it becomes very important for you to careful with your replies.

Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa would be of great assistance in this regard. He would conduct crash courses on how to present before the visa official. The consultant conducts mock interviews simulating the actual visa interview. This could prepare the student perfectly.
The nature of the questions:

Contrary to expectations, the visa officials are very friendly people. They know the difficulties people face while securing admission to foreign universities. They do not deliberately wish to reject any visa application. However, circumstances can arise such as the presentation of forged documents. These can cause the rejection of the visa.

The questions usually center on the course you take up abroad, the financial position, and the purpose of your visit to the foreign country. You should know that the visa official might not have time to browse your documents. He may offer a cursory glance. Hence, it depends on how you answer his questions.

The most Appropriate answers:
You would be able to answer everything about the course. Your SOP would say everything for you. You can go through your SOP before meeting the visa official. You should also know certain lighter facts about the place you intend to visit. These could include the sightseeing aspects, the important celebrities of the area, or the main festivals.

As far as the financial part is concerned, your bank statement or the loan sanction letter would be enough. The visa official would like to confirm that you have the necessary backing to cater to your educational expenses.

The third and most important part of the interview would be the purpose of your visit. Your answer should be simple and to the point. You are visiting the foreign country for the purpose of studies alone. You would return to India after completion of your studies.

Final thoughts:
These answers could clinch you the visa. The next part would be in making the final preparations.

Draft an Effective SOP

Gurinder Bhatti would be able to help you explain the reason behind your choice of the university. This is the Statement of Purpose (SOP). You would be having many things to explain as to why you chose the particular university. The SOP would be the best vehicle for you to do so. This is the only direct piece of communication between you and the admission panel. Other thing remaining equal, the SOP assumes great weight. Therefore, it becomes necessary to draft an effective SOP. Your education consultant, Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global can help you achieve this objective.

The Concept of the SOP:
The foreign university would like to know as to what made you select this particular university over the hundreds of other available. The student should be able to explain the reasons to the satisfaction of the people on the panel. Hence, it becomes necessary for the inclusion of the SOP along with all your other documents. A good SOP can make for compelling reading. An effective SOP can guarantee you admission in the university. Therefore, our endeavor should be to write an effective SOP. You should consult people such as Gurinder Bhatti to assist you in this endeavor.

The Contents of the SOP:
You would be submitting your resume along with your application. Therefore, you should take care not to duplicate matters largely. Your SOP should be a distinct document. It should offer insights into your life in an entertaining manner. You should draw the attention of the panel into reading your SOP. In order to do so, your SOP should be of a compelling nature.

It should spell out your intentions in a crisp and lucid manner. The SOP should enumerate the reasons why you have chosen this university. You should be very careful when you try to praise the good points. You should not go overboard in your praise lest it may sound insincere. Maintaining the correct balance is the key. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global would be the perfect person to assist you in the preparation of the SOP for you.

An important point to note in a SOP is that it should neither be too long nor be short. The optimum length should be around 3000 words. You should be able to make your point effectively within these 3000 words.

The Importance Of the SOP:
The SOP is a very important document because this is the only document under your control. You have to exercise your control perfectly. Effective communication skills are always welcome. While drafting your SOP, you should be careful with the usage of the words. Some words can convey double meanings. You should exercise great care to avoid such words. You can be humorous, but you should not go overboard with your humor. It can have a detrimental effect.

Interspersing your SOP with interesting anecdotes is advisable. Otherwise, the contents become monotonous and boring. Your SOP should provide the spark resulting in a sense of excitement among the panel. This should be an effective SOP.

Final Words:
An effective SOP can clinch the admission in your favor. The finance part is very important now. Gurinder Bhatti can be of assistance in these areas as well.

Short-Listing of the Universities

gurinder-bhatti-study-abroad-scholarshipsGurinder Bhatti has helped you in clearing the GRE and the English language proficiency tests with excellence. As they say, “Well begun is half done,” you have taken the first step perfectly. This is a long road to travel. However, a good score in the GRE can be a tremendous confidence booster. Applying to the various universities would be the next job. In order to do so, you should shortlist some universities. We shall see how you can do the same.

Do the spadework:
You should invariably use the experience of the foreign education consultant Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global for this purpose. Of course, it would be a different matter altogether, that you have browsed the internet and come up with a cluster of universities. This would make the job of Gurinder Bhatti much easier. This also shows your commitment towards your career. You should look at various aspects while short-listing the universities.

The Safe and Reach approach:
You have the GRE marks on hand. You should now start browsing the internet for the universities that accept students within your range. These are the ‘Safe Universities’. The chances of securing admission in such universities are more. At the same time, there would be colleges on the upper end of the same spectrum. You can call these universities as the ‘Reach Universities’. You can try your luck in these universities as well. Depending on other factors such as your CGPA, SOP, LORs, and profile, you can get admission in such universities as well. Therefore, you should use a blend of safe and reach universities while applying for admission.

The Acceptance factor:
Every university would have a fixed intake of foreign students. You can browse the internet and get first-hand information about the intake and the acceptance rates of these universities. You would find some universities with a high acceptance ratio in excess of 80% whereas there may be universities where the ratio would hover in the range of 50% to 60%. This does not mean that the universities in the latter category are bad or stringent. This entails that more students apply for these universities and hence the reduced acceptance factor.

The Cost factor:
Foreign education is an expensive affair. The tuition fees can vary from university to university. This does not mean that the universities that charge more are good or vice versa. You should have a clear idea about the amount of finance you can muster. In addition to the tuition fees, there would be other expenses as well such as the living expenses, medical insurance, and other mandatory expenses. These could add up to a decent sum. You should have this factor in mind while short-listing the universities.

The Scholarship of the Financial Aid factor:
Many universities in the US offer scholarships and financial assistance to students. You should browse the internet for such information. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global would also be in a great position to offer guidance. Many universities allow the students to work part-time and earn their living. Selecting such universities would be beneficial.

Final thoughts:
You have selected the universities for applying. The next step would be to convince the admission officials about your choice. The SOP would help you achieve this objective.

Gurinder Bhatti can help you with the GRE and English language proficiency test preparations

Gurinder Bhatti would be of tremendous help to the students in enabling them to score high in the GRE and the English language proficiency tests. These tests are different from what the student has so far experienced in school and college. These are standardized tests common to every student around the globe. The GRE score would be a perfect indication as to where you stand in comparison with your peers. A score of over 305 out of a possible 340 would be a good achievement. This can help you gain admission in the good colleges abroad.

The GRE:
The GRE test is a combination of quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning. This test can help you judge your aptitude and adaptability to different kinds of situations. A score of 305 is a good one. The beauty of this GRE test is that no one fails. You score either high or low. There is no question of failing this test. Depending on your score, you can apply to various colleges. You also have the opportunity to appear for the GRE multiple times to improve your score. There is no restriction on the same. However, you would have to pay the fees every time you do so.

With Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global to support you, there would not be any necessity for you to appear again. They train you to approach the problems in a scientific manner. You should have the skill, no doubt. However, a tactful approach can do wonders to your GRE score. The verbal reasoning part is a tough one. You should have an impeccable understanding of the English language to score high in this section.

The standard of English education in India is different from that you should expect abroad. This requires you to prepare well. The TOEFL/IELTS are English proficiency tests that prepare you to develop a certain level of understanding. A TOEFL score of 90 out of a possible 120 would be acceptable to many colleges. Similarly, an IELTS score of 6.5 is the minimum requirement. Any score below this figure would entail you to take a re-examination.

You should plan to clear the GRE and the TOEFL examinations before you finish your seventh semester in college. This would enable you to apply to the good colleges. The intake of foreign students would be limited in the foreign colleges. Hence, you should understand that you would face severe competition in this regard. The system in the US is such that they consider the admissions on a first-come-first-served basis. Hence, it is always advisable to apply well in time to avoid disappointment later on.

The short-listing of the universities:
This is a very important step. You would not be able to apply in the Universities before getting a GRE score. However, you can have some universities in mind considering your profile. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global would be of tremendous help in this regard. Deciding on the most appropriate university is of utmost importance. Make a choice that you should not regret later on.

Gurinder Bhatti would be of Great Assistance From the Start to the Finish

Gurinder Bhatti is the name on everybody’s lips when asked about the person who helped him or her to secure admission abroad. Every student would like to study further and become more erudite and knowledgeable. Some students may choose to remain in India and study here. However, many students do choose the abroad route to further their education. Studying abroad is not an easy task at all. You have to work hard as well as sacrifice many things in life in order to be successful abroad.

Start your hard work as soon as possible:
You should take the decision of going abroad as soon as possible without wasting much time. In fact, the third year in your college should be the right time for you to start thinking about going abroad after you complete your degree. You have to do adequate research as to the things you should do to secure admission in a prestigious university abroad. Naturally, you might have someone in your family who has taken this trouble earlier. Alternatively, you might have friends who might be abroad now. They could help you with the basics.

The basics:
You would learn from your friends that you have to complete the GRE as well as the TOEFL / IELTS examinations before you start applying to the various universities. Talking about attaining a good score in GRE and actually achieving it is quite different. You should avail the services of educational consultants such as Ess Global who can help you achieve the dream of scoring high in your GRE.

The SOP comes next. You have to be careful while drafting the SOP. Your SOP should look natural as well as professional. These are two contrasting terms. However, Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global can help you achieve this quite easily. They would prepare the blue print for you to make additions subsequently. In this way, the format would be professional with the content being natural.

The SOP, being a vital document should occupy pride of place in your application. You should be able to convey your plans as well as discuss ways of executing the same in the SOP. A well-drafted SOP would go a great way in securing an admission in a prestigious university of your choice.

The resources:
Banks today, extend education loans to students to complete their education, both in India as well as abroad. Your bank would be of great help in helping you meet the financial requirements. The sanction letter from the Bank would prove handy for you when you meet the visa official.

You may have to arrange for accommodation in the foreign country. You may not know them personally. Hence, you would have to liaison with them in detail before you venture out. Gurinder Bhatti can be of great assistance in this matter too. He has many contacts in various parts of the world that would be ready to help him. You should take advantage of this fact and seek his help in the matter.

Thus, you see the role of the consultant from the beginning to the end. It is truly that of a friend, philosopher, and guide.